Are you looking for training that is different from the typical hair school with its high pressure, hyper achieving, ego driven environment that defines success by how popular you or your clients are?

  • Distinctively Christian

    Our Christian environment couples skilled training with an ethical atmosphere. Although people of any religion are welcome and respected, we teach and mentor from a Christian worldview based on the Bible.

  • Discipleship Mentality

    More than a career, the Craft staff desires to disciple students. In response to our personal experience with Jesus, we are passionate about caring for, investing in and helping our students live life to the fullest.

  • Impact Focused

    Barbers and cosmetologists have a unique opportunity to listen and speak into people’s lives, so we believe training students how to love people is as important as training them to perform services with excellence. We desire to send our students into their communities to minister to people in all walks and seasons of life.