Cosmetology involves the professional practice of hair, skin, and nails. Within that is a world of career options. Craft Education aims to give a well-rounded experience while also helping students specialize in their area of choice. Both our programs successfully prepare students to take the State of Michigan cosmetology exam and equip them with a trade that will allow them to impact individuals through ongoing personal care and relationships.

Our “Classic” program offers the following unique benefits:

Discipleship training This equips students to daily encounter Jesus through His Word and the Spirit. This life changing time provides an intimate connection with staff and students as they learn to hear and obey Jesus.

Marketplace Ministry training This takes place weekly as students learn to share their faith with clients at the student salon and with those in their community. They learn how to engage those who would never step foot in a church and then lead them to Jesus. Learn more.

Connection with a  job  Craft goes out of its way to build strong relationships with local salons, barber shops and businesses which provide our students with potential employment opportunities. Prior to graduation, we help each student understand what they are looking for in a job and then help them build a relationship with a business of their choosing.

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