Partner with Craft

Here's several ways you can partner with us...

Craft's Master Appreticeship Program

This is a two year program that partners your salon/barbershop with a student who will apprentice with you. How would allowing a student to apprentice at your barbershop benefit you?

  1. Connects you with a potential employee who you can train in things you are passionate about
  2. Allows you to train someone to help around your business, which can include:
    • Front desk help
    • Cleaning
    • Organization
    • Serving the public (as much or as little as you would like after their 350 first hours in the apprenticeship)
  3. Enables you to train a student in the way you'd like while not having to worry about the book work side of the program because Craft would come alongside you, providing 500 hours for the student to utilize help from our instructors, stateboard prep, book work time, personal mentorship, and additional training.

C-Fit Program

This is a 21 hour shadowing program that is designed to last 7 weeks and to expose one of our students to what working at your salon/barbershop would look like. The hope is that you would show them industry and business experiences that will help them grow in their understanding of cosmetology in real life. During this program students aren't allowed to work on the public, but they may observe, clean, read your handbooks, and do anything that helps them learn your business or the industry.